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Hayes Title strives to provide the highest level of service in conducting real estate transactions. Whether the transaction is your first home purchase,
investment property or a complex industrial location, our highly experienced legal and support team resolve any issues long before the settlement date.
We pride ourselves in delivering superior service in a professional, friendly environment.

services offered 

Full Closing Services

Attorney Review of Documents*


Witness Only Closing


Title Insurance

Closing Protection Insurance


Title Examination


Title Defect Remediation


Hand delivered documents for recording

*While Hayes Title Agency, Inc. is attorney owned, an attorney-client relationship is established
only by separate contract with the affiliated Hayes Law Offices, Inc. LPA.


Closing Fees

Closing Fee

$300.00 – Purchase (Shared equally between buyer/seller)
OR $185.00 – Loan only

Residential Search Service Fee

Minimum $200.00 Plus copy costs (Seller typically pays)

Commercial Search Service Fee

Minimum $500.00 Plus copy costs (Seller typically pays)

Deed Preparation Fee

$75.00 (Seller typically pays)

Loan Policy Commitment Fee

$50.00 (Buyer typically pays)

Owners Policy Commitment Fee

$50.00 (Seller typically pays)

Loan Policy Endorsements

$75.00-$150.00 Each (Buyer typically pays)

Loan Policy Survey Coverage

$50.00 (Buyer typically pays)

Closing Protection Coverage

$40.00 (Lender)
$20.00 (Buyer – optional)
$55.00 (Seller – optional)

Distribution Processing Fee

$30.00 each (Both buyer & seller typically pay)

Secure Document Storage Fee

$109.00 (Typically split between buyer & seller).

Recording Delivery Fee

$20.00 (Buyer typically pays)


Fees based on Purchase Price


Fee paid to the county transfer, or convey, a piece of property from one party to another

Title Insurance Policy Premiums

Amount paid to Title Agency for Title Policy that insures the deedholder’s interest in the property.


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